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Currency signs and symbols copy paste

Copy and Paste Currency signs symbol in Single click Currency symbol and Sign copy Paste $ £ ¥ € د .إ؋ƒ ₡ ₣ ₵ Q K n G F t ₩ ₭ nzd$ C$ر.ع.ع.د﷼". Like Pounds symbol (£), rs or inr symbol (₹), Hong kong currency symbol (HK$), Euro logo money (€), Yuan Symbol (¥), GBP Symbol (£) UK currency symbol (£) for single use click on symbol or want to copy multiple symbols and emoji then add your favourite to clipboard then copy all in one click.

Symbol Meaning
$ Dollar symbol
£ GBP Pounds symbol / UK currency symbol
¥ Japanese yen currency symbol
HK$ hong kong currency symbol
Euro currency symbol
د.إ UAE Dirham symbol
؋ Afghani currency symbol
ƒ Aruban Florin currency symbol
taka symbol
Лв. Bulgarian Lev currency
ب.د Bahraini Dinar currency
Burundi Franc currency
R$ Brazilian Real symbol
P Pula symbol
Br Belarusian Ruble
Congolese Franc Swiss Franc
¥ Chinese currency symbol
Costa Rican Colon currency
د.ج Algerian Dinar currency
Lari currency
Ghana cedi currency
D Gambian dalasi currency
Guinea Franc
Q Guatemalan quetzal currency
L Lempira symbol
Kn Croatian Kuna
G Haitian gourde currency
Ft Hungarian forint currency
South Korean Won
Kip symbol
Rs Sri Lanka Rupee currency
ل.د Libyan Dinar
L Moldovan Leu
K Kyat symbol
Tugrik symbol
PZloty symbol
Guarani symbol
ر.ق Qatari Rialsymbol
L Leu currency
р Russian Ruble currency
Rp Indonesian Rupiah currency
New Israeli Shekel currency
Indian Rupee symbol
ع.د Iraqi Dinar symbol
Iranian Rial symbol
Kr Iceland Krona symbol
د.ا Jordanian Dinar symbol
P Pataca currency
Mauritius Rupee symbol
Rufiyaa symbol
Naira symbol
C$ Cordoba Oro symbol
nzd$ New Zealand currency symbol
kr Norwegian Krone symbol
Nepalese Rupee symbol
ر.ع. Rial Omani symbol
B/. Balboa symbol
S/. Nuevo Sol symbol
K Kina symbol
Philippine Peso symbol
Pakistan Rupee symbol
ل.س Syrian Pound symbol
L Lilangeni Swaziland symbol
฿ Baht symbol
m Manat symbol
Turkish Lira symbol
Hryvnia symbol
Dong symbol
Yemeni Rial symbol
R Rand South Africa symbol