# Hash symbols copy and paste

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The "#" symbol, also known as the "hashtag" symbol, is often used in social media platforms to categorize or group posts by a specific topic or theme. Here are some key points on how to use and type the "#" symbol:

1. How to use: To use a hashtag, simply type the "#" symbol followed by a word or phrase (without spaces) that represents the topic or theme you want to associate your post with. For example, if you are posting about a recipe for banana bread, you could use the hashtag #bananabread to make it easier for others interested in banana bread to find your post.

2. How to type: On most keyboards, the "#" symbol is located above the "3" key. To type the symbol, press and hold the "Shift" key and then press the "#" key. On mobile devices, you can usually find the "#" symbol on the keyboard by tapping on the "123" key or the "#+=" key, depending on your device.

Hesh symbol #
Symbol Name Hash-Sign
Unicode U+0023
Alt Code Alt 35
CSS Code \0023
HTML Code #